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What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is nothing but promoting your products and services through the internet. Every day the number of searchers on the internet is increasing frequently.

If we talk about knowing it’s a higher level, digital marketing informs advertising distributed through digital mediums such as social media, search engines, websites, mobile apps, email, and many more.

Using these online media channels, digital marketing is the method by which companies support goods, services, and as well as brands.

The best digital marketers have a clear vision of how each digital marketing strategy supports their business goals and, based on their marketing strategies, marketers can lead a large campaign through paid and also free channels at their disposal.

Most of the customers confide in digital tools, which means they use them in searching for their needs. According to Google search insights, it is found that 46% of the customers begin their inquiries on search engines, while 36% rely on brand websites and the rest on mobile applications.

Future of Digital Marketing in India:

Close up business people are analysis business report with digital virtual screen , business financial background Premium Photo

Today, everyone here is online! Almost every people with cheap access to data and an affordable smartphone have been a part of their day-to-day life.

The person with a smartphone having internet access is growing rapidly like a flow. This means it became easy for the companies who are searching for potential customers to engage with them, also sell their certain products and services, and create brand awareness and insights in them.

And all this became possible only if they have their online engagement in the digital world.

Analysis of users increasing day by day:

When we think of the key indicators of success in marketing, the first thing we think about is the number of people through marketing practices.

Internet penetration has reached an outstanding number. Looking at India itself is the second-largest number of Internet users in the world.

According to data estimates computed by the Atlas VPN research team, India is set to reach 1 billion internet users by the year 2025.

As of 2020, India has more than 687.6 million Internet users. So when companies look at these numbers, they realize the importance of the Internet as a channel of marketing. 

Online marketing is an inexpensive approach with high reach; This is extremely attractive to companies as they aim to connect with customers at the least cost.

The forecast predicts that, on average, people surfing the Internet in India will increase by 9.18 percent per year until 2025.

This means India is arguably the world’s most promising Internet economy. This should interest corporations, as many business markets are set to grow.

Covid effect on digital marketing:

During this ferocious Covid-19 pandemic, every small job doer became jobless. But the people having a business are relying on digital marketing and it is growing now more than ever.

Globaldata announced the growth of the Indian e-commerce market is bumping to Rs.7 trillion by 2023 due to the lockdowns.

Businessman plan graph growth and increase of chart positive indicators in his business Premium Photo

During this pandemic, with every consumer locked in their homes, all traditional marketing efforts are out of the question.

Businessmen who do not have a social media page will now have to accelerate their digital transformation and devise a digital strategy to communicate with their audience.

Thus, the digital marketing scope in the future will not only thrive but also let businesses survive in the market.

Why you should be in a lane of Digital Marketing?

As simple, we can say that the what are the advantages of Digital Marketing. This means what we can get benefit from this marketing.

Before I tackle the most effective digital marketing channels for your business, let me demystify digital marketing a bit and share its benefits. 

  1. Digital Marketing is intelligible
  2. Constant Online presence
  3. It is Cost-effective
  4. Digital Marketing builds trust between you and your customer
  5. Provides instant and highly measurable results
  6. It allows you to interact with the newbies as well as the professionals.
  7. Allows you to make changes as you want.
  8. Digital Marketing delivers an excellent return on investment (ROI)
  9. Allows you to target your ideal buyers.
  10. Helps you to engage with Mobile Customers.
  11. Digital Marketing has a global reach etc.

To know in detail about the advantages of Digital Marketing Visite: Benefits of Digital Marketing.

Now let’s have a look on-

What is a digital marketing strategy and its channels we need to know about:

Digital Marketing strategy defines the plan of how your business would achieve its marketing goals through online channels such as search and social media.

These strategies include a social media campaign that includes partnerships with influencers, a content marketing strategy that uses online guides to drive leads, and also a growth marketing strategy that uses social media and email to build customer loyalty.

Most strategy plans will summarise which online channels and digital marketing strategies you will use, as well as how much you will invest in these channels and strategies.

5 most effective digital marketing channels:

  1. Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  2. E-mail Marketing
  3. Content Marketing
  4. Video Marketing
  5. SEO & PPC

Ten best digital marketing jobs that you can do after becoming a digital marketer

1. Content Marketing Manager

Content managers creating content Free Vector

He or she is in charge of content creation. The identification, development, and management of creative content are all part of content writing.

Salary: A content manager’s average salary ranges between 10 and 15 LPA, however, experience is required for this position.

Role: Content marketing involves a variety of tasks like blog management, sales page copywriting, email communications, public relations, video marketing, and so on.

Skills: Excellent communication and authoring abilities are required to comprehend customer requirements and map out the customer experience.

2. Search Engine Optimizer

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SEO is critical for every company involved in digital marketing since it provides improved ranks for businesses in search engine results pages (SERPs), resulting in an organic source of traffic for the brand. A search engine optimizer is in charge of optimizing a website so that it shows in the search engine’s unpaid results at the same time.

Salary: A search engine optimizer should expect to make between 3 and 10 LPA.

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Role: Keyword research, user experience optimization using webmaster tools, managing duplicate content, getting pages indexed, knowledge with SEO tools, and so on are all tasks of a search engine optimizer.

Skills: HTML skills, dynamic capacity (ability to change strategies over time), effective communication, and copywriting skills are all desirable.

3. Inbound Marketing Manager

Laptop inbound marketing background Premium Vector

Inbound marketing manager and content marketing manager jobs have a lot in common.

Salary: An inbound marketing manager’s average pay ranges between 4 to 6 LPA.

Role: The key responsibilities of the inbound manager are lead generation and conversion rate optimization. As a result, his primary responsibilities revolve around marketing funnel management and conversion at each level. An inbound marketing manager uses engaging content, online videos, SEO, social media, blogging, and email marketing to attract clients to a website.

The inbound marketer’s role is to devise a plan for attracting customers, while the content manager’s responsibility is to put that strategy into action. Attract, Convert, Close, and Delight are the four phases of inbound marketing.

Skills: Strategic skills, good communication skills and should know the customer well.

4. Social Media Manager

Social media marketing banner magnet attract likes Free Vector

It’s the ideal job for someone who lives on social media. The material is delivered through numerous social media channels, as well as through campaigns.

Salary: The average social media manager compensation is from 3 to 6 LPA.

Role: A social media manager assists the company in communicating with and engaging its customers across multiple social media platforms. Paid campaigns on social media sites, on the other hand, necessitate experience.

The manager’s mission is to raise brand recognition among the business’s online customers and to establish an online community for the brand.

Skills: Should have a good understanding of all social media channels and, more importantly, be an influencer.

5. Search Engine Marketer/Executive

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One of the most important aspects of digital marketing is search engine marketing. It refers to search engine marketing. Because Google is the most popular search engine, most marketing is done through Google AdWords.

Reporting: The digital marketing manager usually reports to the search engine marketer. Furthermore, in a small business, the search engine marketer’s task may be handled by the digital marketing manager.

Salary: Based on experience, expertise, and certifications, a search engine marketer earns between 5 and 10 LPA.

Role: Through tasks such as keyword research, bid optimization and management, ad copy-writing, analysis, and split testing ad campaigns, the SE marketer’s goal is to fulfill the target of leads or clicks within the provided budget. As a result, the SE marketer is in charge of producing leads in line with the company’s objectives.

Skills: To be successful as a search engine marketer, you’ll need the following abilities: A trader’s attitude, fundamental analytics skills, and great communication skills are all required.

6. Email Marketing Manager

Emails are essential in establishing and maintaining a company’s brand identity. To do so, you’ll need to properly understand your target audience, create email content marketing content, incorporate social media into the emails, including call-to-action buttons, and optimize the emails for laptops, mobile devices, and so on.

Salary: The average email marketing manager’s compensation ranges from 4 and 8 LPA, based on experience, expertise, and certifications.

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Role: The email marketing manager’s responsibilities include creating compelling marketing emails, creating lists based on the target demographic, and conducting A/B testing to determine what works and what doesn’t.

Skills: Excellent communication skills, as well as solid narrative and A/B testing skills, should be able to map out the consumer experience.

7. Copywriter

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A copywriter, as the term suggests, assists in the creation of material for online marketing.

Salary: A copywriter’s average income ranges between 3.5 to 10 LPA, depending on experience and skills.

Role: A copywriter assists search engine marketers in writing better ad copy, assisting the content team in creating better material, and assisting social media marketers in making their postings more intriguing and receptive to the audience. A copywriter’s profession necessitates excellent writing skills because he must not only connect and persuade the reader but also turn him into a committed customer.

Skills: Excellent storyline and writing skills.

8. Conversion Rate Optimizer

Conversion concept banner . idea of marketing strategy and campaign for customer attraction. customer rate growth.   illustration Premium Vector

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is a method of increasing the percentage of website visitors that become customers. CRO is the common name for it.

Salary: Based on experience, a conversion rate optimizer’s average income is around 4-8 LPA.

Role: The conversion rate optimizer’s job is to boost conversion rates at each level of the marketing funnel. CRO experts assist inbound marketers in creating successful landing pages that result in increased conversions.

A conversion rate optimizer should be familiar with a variety of CRO tools, such as a tool by Heatmap CrazyEgg.com, Optimizely.com, and others. He should also be skilled at doing split tests on various aspects of the website.

Skills: Should have experience in statistical modeling, user experience & designing, and also have good communication skills.

9. Digital/Internet Marketing Manager

Digital marketing icons set with online business symbols flat isolated Free Vector

A digital marketing manager is a jack of all trades who knows all there is to know about digital marketing. As a result, a digital marketing manager must possess all of the necessary abilities, experience, expertise, intellect, and capacity to make informed decisions about the various aspects of digital marketing.

The digital marketing manager oversees all digital marketing executives and professionals, as well as social marketing, search marketing, content marketing, and inbound marketing managers. A minimum of 5 years of experience is required to become a digital marketing manager.

Salary: The typical income is between 15 and 20 LPA, but it can go up to 40 LPA based on experience, competence, abilities, and industry reputation.

Skills: All of the above, as well as your company.

10. Google Analytics Expert

Work hard data analytics statistics information business technology Premium Photo

Analytics uses the data created by business intelligence to generate insights that are useful in making decisions, measuring performance, and taking actions, respectively.

Salary: An analytics expert’s average compensation ranges between 4 to 25 LPA, depending on experience, expertise, and qualifications.

Role: The Analytics expert’s goal is to provide not just valuable insights, reports, and other information, but also to assist in gauging the efficacy of internet campaigns and, as a result, gauging the business’s ROIs. The analyst must be skilled in both data and numbers.

Skills: Should have strong analytical skills, be a rational thinker, be comfortable with figures, and be able to track money.

So, now that you have a good idea about what entails the different jobs available in the digital marketing field, you need to build up your repertoire of skills and certifications as per the job you want to target.


Digital Marketing can never be late for you. It’s upon you how and when you step towards exploring yourself in the field of digital learning. This is something which is growing simultaneously with businessmen. So, why delay coming and join today your free digital marketing course.

You can build up your skills vertically in one of the specific fields (as a specialist) or you can build your skills horizontally (as a manager/generalist) or you can become a generalist with specialization in one field too. It’s your choice! There are quite a few institutes like EduPristine that offer training in digital marketing that you can join irrespective of whether you are a professional or a student.

This training teaches not only the theory but also provides the requisite hands-on experience as well so that you understand the concepts thoroughly apart from providing online forums for doubt solving.

Thanks for reading! 🙂


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