Best Niche For Blogging- An Easy Guide For Choosing A Profitable Niche In 2022

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Best Niche for Blogging? is a good question that arises in the mind of every novice in digital marketing. Choosing a perfect and profitable niche is not easy for everyone. But choosing the interest makes it quite easy for choosing a niche.

Initially what beginners face they are confused among their interests. Means, suppose if I ask you what interests you most? What do you love doing most? Some of you might choose one that they want to start writing content on a particular subject but many would be found confused. They will tell that they like technology, sports, and food and so many.

But, here comes the main part that you have to choose only that particular topic in which you can work for your entire life without feeling bored. Then I must say that this is your niche for blogging or whatever you want to explore.

Why do you need to choose a niche?

Because “Defining your niche is a key part of marketing your business online.”

Yes. This is the main key to starting any business online because it helps people to identify one particular problem’s solution.

Some marketers think that it is not necessary to stick to one niche because if wanting to explore a business you have to offer a broad range of services as much as possible. And it is not false at some point because yes you can explore if you have a broad range of business but only when you know how to handle it all.

As you are a novice I don’t recommend you to choose so many niches at once. Choose one or two and learn the pros and cons of how to build again your business in case you failed. All this not only will help you to explore but also give you confidence and experience in that particular interest.

Does Your business rely on niche or on your expertise?

Here arise two questions. Having a specific niche helps you identify things clearly and add your own value to them. Your business does rely on a niche if it is not structured to understand.

On the other hand, your expertise is only fulfilled when you have experience in a specific field. So, to be consistent in your work might help you in growing your business but sticking to one niche has higher chances of reaching the peak.

Hence, we can say that businesses rely both on a niche and on your expertise, the only thing matters are being consistent with your work.

About niche marketing:  A niche market is a subset of a bigger market with its own set of requirements and preferences. Companies concentrate on specialized markets in order to better serve a specific customer than competitors who aim for a broad audience. 

Businesses target niche markets to generate loyalty and revenue with a largely ignored population by catering to particular demands that mainstream providers aren't addressing.

Different use of niche on different platforms

Niche is only one but there are platforms that use niches in different ways to grow. Let’s catch the ways to use niches differently.

What is a Blog niche?

A blog niche is a topic that writers select to discuss on their blogs. It is anything that is utilized to deliver written responses to questions. To be more explicit, each blogger has a certain topic on which to write. They pick a specific specialty and post articles about it on their websites.

What is a Social niche?

A social niche, also known as a niche chosen in social media. Nowadays, social media marketing is more popular and growing at a rapid pace. As a result, social media marketers choose one profitable niche for their pages in that marketing. They grow their business by focusing on a single niche and working on it consistently.

What is a Video niche?

A video niche is similar to the one mentioned above, but the difference is that the content is created in video format. Similarly, video marketers focus on one or two specific niches and create video content in those areas. YouTube is the most popular platform for creators to monetize their skills by providing free knowledge to their audiences.

What is the Audio niche?

There are story-telling sites where people may practice and improve their skills on a daily basis. There are a few instances, such as podcasts. Podcasts are a type of audio content that people utilize to target a specialized niche audience. They specialize in one niche and offer both free and paid content to their audience, which continues to increase. You can also start your podcasts because it is now trending in people’s heart.

What is an eCommerce niche?

An eCommerce niche means the area related to eCommerce. Yes, every eCommerce website/business has some specific subject on which they do business. It might be a website of tech gadgets, clothing, health, and fitness anything. So, you can choose any one or two of them to start your own eCommerce business/website.

Question you should ask yourself before selecting niche.

This is much needed for beginners before selecting their niche to proceed.

Will I enjoy writing about this in a year’s time and in 90+ posts?
You have to take care of it because it’s not a game that you can leave when you are bored. You have to play until you win.

Will I be able to stick to it without becoming distracted by other interests?
You can’t get distracted by what other people doing. You can get ideas from them to implement that in your niche but you can’t copy them.

Will other people love reading my article on this topic?
This is the main question that matters more when creating something for audiences/readers. Because the content is not loved by the people your efforts have no value. Write or create content that people love.

Will I really earn from this niche that I selected?
It doesn’t matter you are a novice or an experienced guy, everyone here is working to earn. Yeah, obviously you have to think about your niche that will return your efforts in the form of the beautiful penny you expected.

You are not going to compare yourself with others in your initial stage

Don’t stress about how the journey is going. Just set the habit of what you are doing and love the process. Don’t compare yourself with other creators. You can use their content for taking ideas about how they are exploring.

From that, not only you will get knowledge but also you will be getting that your concept is clearing day by day by the efforts you have invested.

As a novice, you will learn initially then the day will come when you will be a pro in your field.

What is the best way to establish a niche blog?

Here’s how to build a specialized blog for new bloggers who don’t know much about web design:

Get a superb domain name- with Bluehost, you can get a domain name Or a website address (like www.nupurneha.com).

More information about Bluehost services

Along with domain hosting is a must- Yes because hosting is something that stores your website data on the server.
You can get free hosting when you get your domain name from Bluehost. So, don’t miss this offer and choose your killer domain and along with hosting.

If you are a beginner and don’t know anything about domain name and hosting here’s the full informative blog on domain name and hosting. Go and learn deeply about domain name and hosting.

What is domain name and How exactly does a domain work?

Choose shared hosting as a beginner- This gives you easy to use WordPress dashboard for free to manage your website from the back end.

It would be rather simple to begin your blog after you have everything put together.

Here’s the list of the 5 best profitable niches

There are so many niches that are best for blogging but here I have listed the 5 best niche for blogging that will help you for sure.

Fashion Blog

Fashion blogs are among the most popular sorts of blogs on the internet. If you decide to establish one, there’s a strong possibility you’ll be able to attract organic traffic rapidly because lots of people are interested in new blogs on this topic.

Because dealing with products is inherent in the subject matter, there are numerous sponsorship options. You may easily spread your brand to other platforms, such as Instagram and YouTube, to generate more cash.

Food Blog

It’s understandable that you’d want to start a food blog if you have a strong culinary background or a passion for baking. Focus on a blogging specialization and use your blog as a reason to try new things rather than trying to write about every meal or drink you’ve ever tasted.

You can write reviews of restaurants and bars, give tips for baking and cooking, start delivering vegan dishes, tell people about the consumption of nutritious foods, and can give dietary advice also.

Health and Fitness Blog

People are hungry for content that teaches them better ways to live and regulate their emotions as they become more conscious of their bodily and mental well-being. You can get benefit from these.

You can start a blog on how to care for yourself, about men’s health, women’s health and tips for their pregnancy, start a series to provide knowledge about mental well-being, also whom to participate in small sports as their exercise routine and so many strategies regarding workouts.

Educational Blog

If you want to start a future-proof blog, education is a fantastic place to start. There are several methods to narrow down your emphasis, whether your blog acts as an academic resource or directs your viewers to appropriate institutions and activities.

You can educate people and students by providing hacks for studying, tell about courses available via the Internet, build a blog that helps them to learn new languages from around the world, can build Competition preparation website for students, career advice for college students, and so on.

Marketing Blog

Although marketing is legally a component of business, they are unquestionably a distinct breed of the blog. There are a lot of well-established marketing blogs out there, so make sure you have something distinctive to say.


You can make websites and write about different types of marketing that digital marketers do to explore throughout the world. i.e., digital marketing, e-mail marketing, social media marketing, content marketing, search engine optimization, pay-per-click advertising, etc.


Choosing a niche becomes so easy when you follow this article. Here I have explained each crucial tip that a novice doesn’t care about in their initial stages. I have already explained so much still I would like to tell you that take your full time to choose the best profitable niche as per your interest.

Do hustle but don’t take stress if you have already chosen the wrong one. You can still change your niche and restart your writing journey again. So, follow this blog and feel free to ask if you have any doubt regarding niche selection.

I hope this blog helped you in choosing the best niche for blogging so please do a favor and place your words in the comments down below.

Thanks for reading!  πŸ™‚

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