This is

Neha Nupur

A Digital Marketer, Blogger, SEO Expert, and Social Media Expert.




Hey Guys! This is Neha Nupur.

I am a Digital Marketer, Blogger, SEO Expert, and Social Media Expert.

I know you are here to know me better.

I will share the knowledge regarding  Digital Marketing from basic to advance through blogs and will help you in moving towards your digital marketing career.

Long gone are those days when a business could survive without an online presence. No matter which product or service the business deals in, digital marketing trends can not be overlooked.

Due to the pandemic, businesses are relying on digital marketing more than ever. In these unprecedented times and the absence of face-to-face business, digital marketing is emerging as a survival kit for companies.

If you are a fresher, don’t fret, it’s not difficult to start from scratch. In the initial days, I created my blog and am still running that blog now. At that time I was extremely bad at articulating a few sentences, let alone writing a 1000 words article. But my objective was to understand CMS (Content Management System) and gradually I started articulating better. So, you just need the will and focus. Gradually, you will acquire the skill with practice. 

If you have any queries or suggestions, feel free to contact me or can comment below the blog section.

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