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Neha Nupur

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About Neha

A bit about me

Hi! I’m Neha Nupur. 19.  A student pursuing Bachelor’s in Computer Application (2nd Year) while working on upskilling myself.

A compulsive reader who loves writing, learning, improving one’s skills, and researching issues linked to technology, marketing, optimizing online presence, content creating, and, in general, everything business-related.

to be continued

My Story

I’m a student, and I’ll always be someone who values improving my knowledge. I’ve always been captivated by these online businesses. When I was in 11th, I discovered on YouTube how people made money from websites. Then I made the decision to build my own website, which I will achieve by surfing and studying website creation.

After finishing 12th, I researched websites and what people are doing on the internet nowadays to help them grow. As a result of this, I learned various new skills, some of which I just learned last year and still learning.

I gradually became interested in the area of digital marketing and began doing an extra study on it. I started by creating my website and learning how to write content.

Advanced Digital Marketing, which includes content creation, affiliate marketing, website design/development, SEO, social media marketing, paid advertising, graphic design, and many other roles, is what I started learning.

Now, I’ve developed some of the skills and am continually learning and upskilling myself. I’ve been doing this for a while and have over a year of experience performing and overseeing these modules.

That’s what my brief story is, in the digital realm.

You must now be wondering, among other reasons, what services I will provide you. So I offer content writing/creation, website design, and organic marketing via social media networks.

Visit this page for additional information about my services.

I Adore Reading.

Why? B’coz it’s Magical!!

Reading allows me to explore the places, the areas, the people, the views, and the experience in a way without being physically there. People and places come to life, and as I read, I forget about the routine of a typical day or the difficulties I encountered that day.

Reading helped me to expand my imagination and creativity. It expanded my vocabulary and helped my group and one-on-one discussions. It also helped me become a better writer in all of my readings.

I learned a lot solely by reading, not only from books but also from blogs, eBooks, newsletters, and more.

I’m not sure about other individuals, but I can tell you that it is wonderful. It is super magical!

It has aided me in developing a strategy prior to taking action. It has assisted me in memorizing facts and information more effectively and correctly. It has helped me gain confidence in my abilities and in my ability to communicate with others.

Reading is soothing, pleasant, adventurous, exciting, and wonderful for me. It takes me to faraway locations and allows me to have adventures in other worlds, nations, or cultures that I would never have known about otherwise. Reading helped me gain confidence and a far broader awareness of the world than I had at my age.

When you are reading a book, you are completely engrossed in the book. You’re never alone when you’re reading a book.

Reading has an impact on our life as well. It has the potential to alter several personality features. Aside from being well-read, concentrating on your cognitive and intellectual capacities boosts your self-esteem. Of course, reading is a cool method to travel to another world.

It brings life, more life!

My Articles

What do you get from this website?

Through blogging, I share my knowledge of digital marketing, from basic to advanced, and will help you in advancing your digital marketing profession.

Long gone are those days when a business could survive without an online presence. No matter which product or service the business deals in, digital marketing trends cannot be overlooked.


Website blogs

Due to the pandemic, businesses are relying on digital marketing more than ever. In these unprecedented times and the absence of face-to-face business, digital marketing is emerging as a survival kit for companies.

If you are a fresher, don’t fret, it’s not difficult to start from scratch. In the initial days, I created my blog and am still running that blog now. At that time, I was extremely bad at articulating a few sentences, let alone writing a 1000 words article. But my objective was to understand CMS (Content Management System) and gradually I started articulating better. So, you just need the will and focus. Gradually, you will acquire the skill with practice.

I not only give services to help your business expand, but I also assist you in building your own website and understanding how it all works.

Feel free to reach out to me.



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